tag leadership TEAM

The staff and leadership here at Trinity Assembly of God is comprised of men and women who love, care, and pray for every single person in the church. If you have any questions for any of our staff, feel free to reach out and email them or call our church office to speak with them. You can contact the church office at info@trinityag.org or call us at 610-692-1897

  • Pastor Jimmy Smuda  - Lead Pastor twitter  instagram  linkedin

    Pastor Jimmy grew up in Chicago and Florida and has been the lead pastor at Trinity since 2012.  Pastor Jimmy is a passionate, people driven leader. His desire is to see people "Grow in Christ-like maturity.  He loves breathing, Jesus, basketball and pizza. His family is his "pride" and he is crazy about sports. Especially, the Cubs, and Bulls, and finds Philly sports fans comical and hilarious. 

    Contact him at pastorjimmy@trinityag.org

  • pASTOR Moses Chi - Executive Pastor

    Pastor Moses has been everywhere! He is an adventurer, grew up as a missionary kid, and is always looking for something new outside to try.  Pastor Moses oversees the administration of TAG.

    Contact him at moseschi@trinityag.org

  • pASTOR Nick Bower - Kids / mISSIONS Pastor

    Pastor Nick guides our kids both in our preschool (Trinity Academy) and in our kids church (Trinity Kids).  He graduated from University of Valley Forge in 2019 with his bachelor's in Ministry Leadership. In his free time he loves going on hikes and playing all sorts of games. Contact him at nickbower@trinityag.org

  • Keston Shook - Facilities Director/director of "stuff"

    Keston is a many of many talents. From taking care of our facilities, to running our AV ministry, and coordinating food drives, or praying in our community with leaders. Keston assists in a  a multitude of initiatives and events. And he can jump higher than any NBA player ever has. 

    Contact him at kestonshook@trinityag.org


    Samuel serves as Trinity’s Worship Director. He is a student of the University of Valley Forge, studying Pastoral Leadership and Church Music. He is passionate about developing teams through both discipleship and practical training. His hobbies include walking, running, and driving. 

    Contact him at samuelstauffer@trinityag.org

  • Chandler Beard- Youth Director

    Chandler oversees our youth and young adults, as well as our social media platforms. Chandler is a former college baseball player and avid sports fan.  His passion for Jesus is inspiring, and he is a avid fan of Freddy's custard milk shakes. 



    Mariel is the director here at  Trinity Academy. Mariel and has a passion for education and God. She is a mother, wife and teacher. Her favorite past time is reading a good book while drinking an iced coffee! You can reach her at MarielMcallister@trinityag.org.