OUR mission

Our mission at Trinity is to Honor God by demonstrating Jesus. We exist to reach and serve people, love our neighbors, live the gospel, and build followers of Christ in the greater Philadelphia area. 

OUr Vision

  1. It is OUR vision at Trinity to be a place where the hurting, the wounded, the cynical, the frustrated, the un-churched, and the de-churched can find faith, hope, love, guidance, encouragement, and most of all peace.
  2. It is OUR vision at Trinity to share the Good News of Jesus Christ with all of Chester County and the surrounding counties.
  3. It is OUR vision at Trinity of developing people to Christ-like maturity through a quality Sunday morning experience, discipleship groups, and retreats.
  4. It is OUR vision at Trinity of training and equipping every believer by helping them discover the gifts and talents God has planted inside of them.
  5. It is OUR vision at Trinity to be missional-minded and great commission-focused. It would be our hope that our church would participate in at least 1 missions trip yearly.

Our core values

  1. Family
  2. A church family that is biblically literate, culturally relevant, and spiritually alive. 
  3. A healthy church family filled with life, laughter, and liberty.
  4. A church family with an inviting atmosphere that loves and affirms one another.
  5. A church family with effective ministries to the whole family.
  6. A church family that Prays. Bringing about transformation and miracles through the power of God.
  7. A church family that nurtures, trains, and empowers emerging leaders.
  8. A church family that is willing to take risks for God.
  9. A church family committed to quality in spirit, lifestyle, and ministry practices.