What is a Circle group?

Circle groups are the entryway into our discipleship process here at Trinity.

We desire to create a friendly, welcoming, non-threatening atmosphere where anyone can come and jump right in to our discipleship groups.

The purpose is to create discipleship within community.


To create community we offer a free dinner at 5:30 pm

(donations accepted).

We offer dinner from 5:30-6:25pm for you and your family.  

Service begins at 6:30 with a time of worship and a short message. We then break off into our Circle groups where we spend some time getting to know one another, discussing the lesson, and most importantly praying for one another needs.

Miraculous Physical Healing Today

Taught by Dr. Virginia Christel- June 5th-June 26th. 

As Pentecostals, we believe all the gifts of the Spirit listed in 1 Cor. 12 are for the Church today; that list includes the gifts of healing and the gift of miraculous powers. If the gifts of healing and miracles are for today, we have a burning question on our hearts: Why don’t we see more supernatural healings and more miracles? To wrestle with this question, we will humbly ask the Holy Spirit, our Teacher, to give us a deeper understanding of healing and miracles and faith and what He would have us do to see more people healed. We will try to put aside 2000 years of Church tradition and ask ourselves what would we believe about healing and miracles if we just had Scripture. The best motivation for coming to this class is compassion because we each know someone who desperately needs God’s miraculous healing.