Trinity Assembly of God believes that missions is a huge part of the church responsibility. We support all these missionaries and ministries as well as 7 other ministries not listed due to them being in sensitive areas of the world.  Our job is to help spread the gospel around the world, as well as doing ministry here in our own town of West Chester, PA.

  • Joshua and Angela Allen- Netherlands Globe

    Joshua, Allen, and their their 5 "Missionaries in Training" have been on the field of the Netherlands since 2016. In 2017 they began Students for Christ Rotterdam, and in September 2021 began their church plant, Gateway City Church. 

  • Tim and debroah anderson - equador  Facebook

    Tim and Deborah have served in Ecuador for 34 years planting churches, Child Hope Schools, and running mens teen challenge groups. 

  • Joseph and heidi Barrale - Chi Alpha  Globe

    Joseph serves our college campuses in the area by partnering with students on campus to create ministries, bible studies, and events on college campuses and helping students lead other students to the Lord.

  • Michael and Denise Bartel - F.R.E.E. International Globe

    Michael and Angela work to end human trafficking in the U.S. and abroad. Their mission is to Find. Restore, Embrace, and Empower those trapped in Sex Slavery. Based in Las Vegas Nevada, they've FREE'd thousands since they began in 2007. 

  • kevin and wendy beery - Eurasia  Facebook

    Kevin and Wendy served as missionaries to Bulgaria from 1992-2007. Since then they have started serving at Continental Theological Seminary, a school based in Europe since 1959 equipping and preparing missionaries for the field.  They currently have over 150 students from 30 nations. 

  • Omar and pat beiler - Eurasia  Facebook

    Omar and Pat serve in Eurasia and have been for many years.  They are currently starting coffee shops to employ and teach local people while ministering to them at the same time, helping provide both physically and spiritually.

  • Jim Book - Global missions  Globe

    Jim has been serving with Global ministries to help equip people around the world to serve and teach Jesus to many areas that have never had a church or minister.

  • Sam and naomi Brelo - Continental Theological Seminary - Eurasia  Facebook

    Sam and Naomi minister at Continental Theological Seminary in Brussels, Belgium to help equip leaders with the tools needed to reach the world for Christ.

  • Convoy of Hope - Global  Facebook Globe

    Convoy of Hope is a faith-based organization with a driving passion to feed the world through children’s feeding initiatives, community outreaches, disaster response and partner resourcing.  When there is an emergency Convoy of Hope is almost always the first ones there to help.

  • David and Rose Ditrolio - Paraguay  Facebook

    David and Rose have been serving in Paraguay in many different ways since 1983.  They are currently helping in many different ChildHope schools in Assembly of God churches.

  • Rocco Ditrolio - Argentina  Facebook

    Rocco and his family have been serving in Argentina since 1988.  They have started 15 churches, radio and television broadcasts for Argentina.  Rocco has a heart for planting new churches and making sure that they are healthy and growing.

  • Philadelphia Dream Center - Philadelphia  Facebook Globe

    Philadelphia Dream Center serves as a resource center focused on providing support to those affected by homelessness, hunger, and the lack of education through residential and community outreach programs.  The dream center meets people that would never set foot in a traditional church.

  • Ken and Kathy ferguson  Facebook

    Ken and Kathy serve in international global ministries.

  • Kevin and Annie Folk - Spanish speaking countries  Globe

    Kevin and Annie originally served as missionaries in Spain, but have branched out to serve emerging leaders to be trained for ministry and focus on spanish speaking countries.

  • Peter and courtney Good - Greece  Facebook

    Peter and Courtney serve as missionaries in Greece.

  • cheryl Greco  Facebook

    Cheryl works with AGWM Multi-Ethnic Mobilization, connecting AGWM with each of our U.S. Language Districts and Nationally recognized Ethnic Fellowships. Our focus is on mobilizing the churches from each of our ethnic, language, and cultural communities to develop a missionary culture that results in supporting and sending world missionaries.

  • Tom and brooke harshberger - Northern Ireland  Facebook

    After serving for many years in student ministry Tom and Brooke have felt the call missions in northern Ireland.

  • jeff and liz hartensvled - Asia Pacific  Facebook

    Jeff and Liz direct the Asia Pacific region of over 350 missionaries in that area.  Before serving in this position they served 23 years in Indonesia planting churches.

  • Gary and cindy Higgins - Latin America  Facebook

    Gary and Cindy minister specifically in Latin America but their reach is global.  They have a passion for making sure people have access to clean drinking water and use this to then meet spiritual needs.  They have found and use an amazing simple filter to give out to people to take virtually any water and make it safe to drink.

  • Austin and jennifer jones - alaska  Globe

    For over 16 years the Jones have been serving the Lord as missionaries all over America.  They are currently serving as missionaries in the Bering Strait part of Alaska.

  • Ron and amy Jones  Facebook

    Ron and Amy serve in the Ukraine.

  • Pat AND BRENDA MAHAR - ITALY  Facebook

    Pat and Brenda served 18 years in Africa before feeling called to Athens, Greece during the financial and refugee crisis there.  Then in 2018 God lead them to Italy where they are currently serving at a church there.

  • Carla Morroquin - International  Facebook

    Carla is the Director of Nurture Hope, the umbrella ministry for all things anti-human trafficking in International Ministries.

  • Mike and barbara olejarz - Virginia  Globe

    Mike and Barbara serve in Chi Alpha which is a college campus ministry.  Mike got saved in a Chi Alpha ministry at Ohio University as a Junior and started serving in Chi Alpha as a campus director in 1982.

  • Teen Challenge  Globe Facebook

    Teen Challenge helps people of any age with addictions by helping them receive transformation that includes Jesus Christ.  That is the main difference between any regular treatment center and Teen Challenge.  Most of their programs last between 12-18 months.

  • Tim and Kelly Pollick - Indonesia  Facebook

    The Pollicks are going through language school with plans on moving to Borneo upon graduation.

  • NIck and olivia Puccini - Armenia  Facebook

    Nick and Olivia have served all over Eurasia but have spent most of their time in Armenia and now Estonia.  They are planting churches to change the spiritual demographic there.

  • Jim and Sherry Sabella - Europe  Globe

    Jim and Sherry were pastors in New York before becoming missionaries to the Czech Republic in 2004.  Since then they have been appointed World Missions Area Directors over 7 countries in central Europe.

  • Tony and Jamie Sebastian - Cyprus  Globe

    Tony and Jamie have been missionaries to Cyprus since 2008.  Their focus is on business as a mission and campus ministry alongside church planting.  They also have a special heart for refugees.

  • deny and debby seler- Costa Rica  Facebook

    Deny and Debby have been serving the last 5 years in Costa Rica.

  • Earl and tammie Shorrocks - poland  Facebook

    Earl and Tammie have been serving in Poland for several years and planting churches.

  • Speed the light  Globe

    Speed the Light gives so others can speed the light of the gospel to a world in darkness. This is accomplished by providing the "essential transportation and creative communication" equipment for missionary evangelism. Through modern transportation, radio, television, print, audio, and digital equipment, our missionaries can help make Jesus known.

  • Shahan and Trya Teberian - Eurasia  Facebook

    The Teberians have served in Eurasia for several years.  Shahan graduated from law school and has been using this gift to bless God's people around the world ever since.

  • andy and stacey whitman  Facebook

    From 2008 to 2016, the Whitman family lived in Nairobi Kenya coordinating the Royal Rangers ministries of Africa. Andrew currently serves as the RRI Mobilization Coordinator and Africa Specialist for Royal Rangers International, and is overseeing the Catapult700 Project to advance Rangers in the Swahili speaking nations of East Africa.

  • richard and lori wislocky  Facebook

    The Wislocky's have been serving in Budapest Hungary for several years now.

  • Brett and Rebecca Zeiler - Cambodia  Facebook

    Brett and Rebecca started out serving as Children's Pastors for several years before feeling called to Cambodia.  They have been going through language school over in Cambodia for the last several years while doing ministry at the same time.

  • Assemblies of God Theological Seminary - Missouri  Globe

    The mission of AGTS is to shape servant leaders with knowledge, skill, and passion to revitalize the church and evangelize the world in the power of the Spirit.

  • Chester County WOmen's Services - Chester County Pennsylvania  Globe Facebook

    Chester County Women's Services helps women who are in need.  Many times a woman will get pregnant and not know what to do.  CCWS will sit down with these women and give them free aid like ultrasounds, pregnancy tests, prenatal vitamins, counseling, referrals, etc.  They are there to help women understand they have a choice and to save lives from abortion.

  • University of Valley forge - Phoenixville Pennsylvania  Globe

    Founded in 1939 the University of Valley Forge is an Assembly of God School.  The mission of UVF is to prepare individuals for a life of service and leadership in the church and in the world.