Trinity Youth

We are the youth!

We love our students! When we see students fall in love with Jesus it changes the trajectory of their whole lives. Many times we think of the teenage years as ones to waste but these are formative years, that if given to God will help us find the purpose that God has given us for our lives.

Contact Pastor Craig Dunaway ( if you have any questions.

6th - 12th grades

Trinity Youth meets every Wednesday at 6:30PM and every 3rd Sunday during the 10AM service for a time of discipleship and prayer.

We have many other events, fun stuff, camps, conventions, etc. throughout the year so keep an eye on the calendar or our Facebook and Instagram pages to get the latest info.

Why We Exist

Trinity Youth exist to create a fun interactive environment where the students can learn about God and ask questions in a safe place.  We are like a family, where we are here for one another through anything.

How do we make it fun and meaningful?

We make sure that every service we do is fun and interactive.  Students have to sit through school everyday and they don't want to come to church to sit through another "class".  However, that doesn't mean they aren't learning about God and digging into God's word not only every week, but every day.  

We want to partner with parents to help their kids realize that God is not something just for Sundays but something to be lived out everyday!